The New York Times Magazine “Behind the Cover”— Behind the Cover is a weekly video series HunterGatherer produces for The New York Times Magazine, now in its second season. Through interviews, stop-motion animations and behind-the-scenes looks at the creative process, we capture the story of how each week’s cover was made. We created the identity system for the series, as well as unique and reoccurring elements for each week’s episode.

Role: Art direction, design, animation.
Editors: Phil Pinto & Laura Tomaselli
NYTMag Design Director: Gail Bichler

Selection of episodes from Season 1 

Episode 17, credits within
Episode 9, credits within
Episode 21, credits within
Episode 42, credits within
Episode 46, credits within
Episode 2, credits within

Selection of stills from Season 1 

Episodes featured, credits within:
Episode 1Episode 2Episode 6Episode 8Episode 11 ; Episode 17 ; Episode 18 

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