Vans Surf Boot Promo — We collaborated with Vans to promote their new and improved Surf Boot 2 HI V. Since it’s warmer than the original, it morphs, melts, and burns it’s way from the original to the new 3mm and 5mm versions. We used a continually warming color palette and stop-motion paper animations to achieve this effect.

Role: Art direction, design, stop-motion animation, compositing.
Made at HunterGatherer.


Vans UltraRange Promo — We also collaborated with Vans to promote the UltraRange EXO Hi MTE, which kicks butt in all types of weather. We used projected animations to make it rain, snow, and get windy on set, layering in the type in post.

Role: Art direction, design, compositing.
Made at HunterGatherer.


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